Black Lives Matter

A door has opened, even if it’s just a crack. And now it’s clear that all this time we were helping to keep that door closed. Not anymore. We’re seeing how our actions have perpetuated racism. We're listening. We're learning about how to build more equity in our work environment, and through the work we create. And we're making changes. It’s not going to be perfect. It’s not going to be comfortable. But now is the time. It will take all of us to push this door open.


  • Monthly all-agency DEI meetings to update employees on the agency’s efforts to improve racial equity and representation, create a forum for equity discussion and education.
  • Establish new relationships with local and regional CSO’s to expand opportunity access to BIPOC talent.
  • Audit our job postings, descriptions, and application process. Revise them to be more encouraging toward BIPOC applicants.
  • Facilitate diversity and equity trainings with DEI professionals outside of our agency for management and staff.
  • Partner with organizations facilitating relationships with BIPOC professionals and businesses to offer pro bono advertising and creative services. Commit to at least one project within the next 12 months