Otto'sCBD Cider

In a new market, saturated with wellness-focused CBD beverages, we helped Mirth Provisions deliver a cider that stood out. Otto’s tastes damn good, so we crafted the identity, story, and bottle to make that clear to someone who wouldn’t traditionally reach for CBD.

The Otto’s style is high-end and distinguished, while simultaneously remaining down-to-earth. Our design created an old-world charm and we crafted type that harkened to the German brewing tradition.

Otto’s jumps off the shelf. The bottle’s details and shimmering gold accents make the label feel like a vintage storefront, inviting a curious shopper to explore a different kind of refreshment.

He’s a gentleman farmer. Otto and his aptly named squirrel, Squirrel, spend their days on the farm cultivating a special blend of hops, apples, and CBD.

Otto’s is now one of the fastest growing CBD beverages on the market. You’ll find it distributed from Seattle to Boston and beyond. Not too shabby for an apple-headed farmer.